What is Sift?

Find something you love to do, and you’ll never work a day in your life” Harvey MacKay

How many times have you read a recipe and come to “sift all the ingredients”, stopped and moved on…..that is where I come in. Let me sift through your weekly dinner chaos to make it smooth and enjoyable.

I’ll be honest, when it comes to organizing the ingredients to make things concise and organized I fail all the time but I love menu planning! For years I have been planning our meals, weeks, even months in advance once we had our son. I cook most meals on Sundays so they are ready for the week and the rest of the week (usually) runs smoothly, when it comes to dinner, the rest of life I cannot attest to. Once I realized I was doing this and that I actually found it enjoyable I thought why not help other people?!

What sift is, is a PERSONAL menu planning service. There are many menu planning services out there, I have researched them and there are some really great ones, but I have not found one that works on a personal level with the clients. That’s the void I am hoping to fill. Before starting any commitment, you will have a trial week for free with no obligation at all. I will send you a questionnaire that I ask you please take your time on so I really get a feel for what your family likes and dislikes as well as your level of cooking and how much time you want, or can, spend in the kitchen. After the week, if you would like to proceed we start our relationship to organizing the way you eat.

I am a trained chef, so my joy would be to come in to all of your kitchens and cook amazing meals for you, but I can’t really do that, so this is the next best thing.

I so look forward to working with you if you are interested! If not, please still follow the blog, I will post new pics of recipes I am trying as well as the simple interests of this mom of a 1-year-old who happens to be the wife of a crazy professor. 



3 thoughts on “What is Sift?

  1. Katie this is a wonderful idea! I would have loved this when the children were small and I was working! I wish you the best. Keep us posted!


  2. This is great, Katie! Will you buy all the ingredients for me too?!? Seriously, though, menu planning is something that I am working on. Living in the Bay Area is like living in Europe–you don’t have a ton of space and the kitchens are spartan. For example, my current kitchen has a full gas range (it’s pretty nice), large microwave and a refrigerator, but NO OVEN! I had to go out and buy a large convection countertop oven in order to bake. It’s good for most things, even a small to medium turkey. However, though it has two shelves, it would only fit two large pans or casseroles if the dishes aren’t super deep or tall. Two sheets of cookies, no problem, but two loaves of bread or lasagne would likely end up in a messy FAIL! Therefore, I’m looking at being creative by preparing larger meals using a slow cooker, rice cooker, the stove and the countertop oven. So, if you post articles or recipes about how to cook in small kitchens, let me know! I think it’s probably an issue more and more people have had to face because of the economy and needing to move into smaller homes. They may not have the oven issue, but I bet a lot of people face the challenge of not having adequate workspace. Planning certain things ahead of time (like chopping, peeling, blending and processing, and grating) would help a lot. I know growing up we’d even roast meats and vegetables that we would then freeze to use at a later date. Also, preparing ahead of time common sauces for pasta and other dishes would save a lot of time too. I don’t know about you, but I often don’t get home from work and even get to sit down until around 8 PM–so, there’s not a lot of leeway! Your services will help a lot of people.


    • Hi! Yes, I took have a small kitchen, I do have an oven but it is very small. I do all my prep on Sunday afternoons for the week so yes, I do plan to talk a bit about that on the blog! I plan to write about one recipe a week and discuss prep and planning ahead so keep checking and thanks for posting!!!


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