Menu Planning


A lot of people ask me “why do you plan your meals a month in advance?” and I hear a lot “I could never do that.” It’s like I said in my very first post, I enjoy it. It may sound weird but I really like the planning and organization involved in the whole process. As a mother, I know exactly what it’s like to have no control over things. No control over your day or your time, in fact I just told my husband the other day “do you remember what it was like to shower anytime we wanted to?” NO CONTROL!!!!! So this is a small thing I can control. The quality of our food is extremely important to me. We each have our guilty pleasures, Cary’s is sugary cereals and mine is Nutella just to name a few, but for the most part we are about a 90% unprocessed, farm to table household. Do I expect everyone to eat like us? NO WAY! And I don’t expect that in my business either, I will cater to however your family wants to eat, it is just the choice our family has made.

I thought it might be helpful to share what a typical week looks like at our house, as far as dinners go. Last week is a perfect example of the planning, buying  and cooking of the meals. I have a family member who is currently kicking cancer’s butt but feels a little under the weather at times so I made them a few meals to freeze and eat when they just didn’t feel like cooking. Since I was making those last week I just doubled each one for our meals as well and BOOM!! This week is all set!

So here is the menu, keep in mind, we have pizza every Saturday night, whether we make it from scratch (my husband is the master of pizza dough) or get an organic pizza from Trader Joes, I never have to worry about Saturday planning! I also plan for leftovers at least once a week or to take leftovers for lunches. This week we are able to have 2 nights of leftovers simply because each meal makes a large portion, another bonus of bulk cooking!!

Sunday: Turkey Lasagna

Monday: Tuscan Bean Soup

Tuesday: Turkey and Sweet Potato Shepherds Pie

Wednesday: LEFTOVERS!!

Thursday: Chic Pea Pasta


Saturday: Pizza

I took about 2 hours while my son napped on a Thursday and made the lasagna and the shepherds pie. Now when I say I made them, I get all my ducks in a row first and I will walk you through this step by step if you want to learn more and work with me and Sift Menu Planning. I figure out all my veggie prep and do that first, then I organize from there. For instance, both of these recipes call for ground turkey, I ground all 3 lbs. of turkey first and then separated it out according to each recipe, helps with cleanup as well.

If I had an extra hour that day I could have knocked out the soup but I didn’t so I just made that the following day during nap-time as well.

So 3 hours in all gave us enough food for 5 nights!!!! Now it’s done! All we have to do is thaw, heat and serve. We throw in a salad or some bread but 95% of the work is finished. The chic pea pasta is a super quick recipe that takes no time at all.

So yes, it takes a bulk of time at the beginning of the week and if you hate to cook it’s probably not the best option. But, if healthy, nutritious meals are important to you, and you also don’t want to be scrambling around at 6:00 figuring out “what’s for dinner” I suggest planning out your meals, or better yet, have me do it for you!!!……just makes one less stressor in your life and we all could use that!!


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