Vitacost is my Candy Store

Have you discovered Vitacost yet? If you love all things healthy you will LOVE Vitacost!! I am seriously like a kid in a candy store on that site. I am amazed every time I get on there at all the cool stuff they have, and I discover a new product every time as well.

I placed one of many orders last night and bought some staples in our house. Not only is the site easy to navigate and so great having everything in one place, their prices are unbeatable. We buy all of our essential oils from them because the prices don’t even touch competitors.

One item we always have on hand is Tea Tree oil. I am obsessed with this stuff. I read more and more every day on the benefits of Tea Tree oil. We clean with it, use it as a topical treatment for acne or even dry skin and we put a few drops in the humidifier every night for our son. The smell is amazing and the antibacterial benefits are unbelievable. Read more here.




We also keep Kirk’s Castile Soap on hand at all times, in fact it is a big deal in our house when we run out and that is because not only do we bathe with it, we grate in to make our homemade detergent.


Another item we love from Vitacost is Jason Powersmile . We love this toothpaste, it tastes great and is all natural!

So those are a few everyday items we purchase. Like I said, I purchase ALL of our essential oils from them. Have you found any awesome deals on Vitacost or great natural product that I need to try? Let me know!


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