Dream Kitchen

When I saw this kitchen a few months back on Dust Jacket Attic I of course added it to my kitchens pin board along with the other 100+ pins devoted JUST to kitchens but I kept going back to it. I took a screen shot and texted it to my husband and mother. I just love everything about this gorgeous kitchen. It kind of encompasses my taste perfectly with the modern feel but then the antique cabinet on top for an eclectic touch. I absolutely love that brass rod for storage and that stove top!!!

The kitchen is by far my favorite room in the house and when we gutted a home back in 2008 it was the first thing we did and what we spent the most money on. Now that we no longer live in that house and are planning our next home I constantly look for ideas for our future kitchen. How amazing is this brass hood and marble backsplash? SWOON!!!

I can’t get over this amazing light fixture

And of course to top everything off………..a splash of pink!!

AAAAHHHH I wish I was in this very spot cooking right now!



One thought on “Dream Kitchen

  1. The first kitchen is a lot like most Italian kitchens. The wall cupboard is more Northern European or Anglo in taste, but the overall idea is the same. Simplicity and good heavy materials that will last a lifetime. I like the rail for utensils. I want one for utensils and pots n pans.


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