All Natural DIY Detergent

Detergent Ingredients

As requested…….my detergent recipe. Well I can’t say it’s “MINE” I copied it from the Mother Earth Living magazine which we get every other month and devour in seconds!!

Above is a picture of all the ingredients you will need, they are as follows:

16 cups baking soda

12 cups washing soda

8 cups grated castile or glycerin soap flakes

3 tbsp. lavender (or any oil you choose, you really don’t even need, I once made it without and it still smelled great!)

1 large bucket for storage with a tight lid

A large spoon

A large bowl

Something to grate with if you don’t purchase already grated soap flakes (I’ll explain)

(not pictured) a measuring cup

Now….where to find all this. We buy our baking soda in bulk from amazon, it costs around $20 for a 13.5 lb. bag. I buy my washing soda at walmart, it’s probably the ONLY thing I buy at walmart but it is by far cheaper there than anywhere else I have found and comes in the larger boxes. I purchase my castile soap from Vitacost as seen in this post but you can also purchase already grated flakes, they just cost more and we use the bars of soap to bathe with as well, you get about 1.5 cups grated from one bar of soap.

To start, I measure out my baking soda and washing soda in the large bucket. Then I grate all my soap.

Shredding Soap


This does take awhile, especially if you are making the whole recipe at one time so take breaks! The finished product looks like this, cute little baby hand not included.

Shredded soap


Once your soap is grated, add it to the washing soda and baking soda, pour in your essential oil of choice and stir stir stir. The finished product looks like this

Finished Product


We use this for all our laundry, even our cloth diapers and it is by far the best detergent I have ever used. Those diapers get so dirty and end up with so much build up of detergent over time and with this, I have barely noticed a problem and they come out sparkling white every wash. I have had a few items of clothing that had stains that I just could not get out, as soon as I switched to this, the stains came out in one wash. You barely use any either, do you see that scoop? That’s how much we use! It is about 1.5-2 tbsp, that’s it. The whole batch is said to last a family of four up to a year. We do use a great deal more since we cloth diaper and do laundry on diapers alone every day but this still saves a ton of money.

If you have any questions please let me know, and if you try it let me know too! To make it fun, we grated the soap outside and I let my son play with the flakes, just not eat them.


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