Nap Time Fun

Hair Ties

While my son napped Sunday I made these cute hair ties. I love Emi Jay hair ties, in fact it’s all I used…….until now. They are super strong! I have a ton of long, curly hair and the emi jays hold a pony or a bun all day and don’t leave the slightest crease. Before having a child spending $15 for 5 hair ties didn’t bother me one bit, now I am floored at how much something so small can cost! I decided to figure out how to make my own!

I did some searching on Pinterest and found a ton of links devoted to making these cute little hair ties. To start with one site sent me to JoAnn fabrics. I was all excited to get there and find an aisle full of “fold-over elastic” (what you use to make them) but to my dismay they had two colors, baby blue and white, and they really weren’t all that cheap. I bought them, followed the directions and they didn’t work in my hair, the bands were just too small. I was bummed. So I decided to search elsewhere and tweak the pattern a bit.

The original pattern I found had me cut the 5/8″ fold-over elastic in 9 in. ribbons, which for me was far too short. I went searching on Etsy and found 100’s of shops devoted to the cutest prints and colors of this elastic! I decided on pink and black for my first try, 5 yards of each with shipping only cost $5.45!!!! I decided to cut my strips 10 in. and they fit great in my thick hair. I folded them in half, tied a small not at the end and they were finished! I had so much ribbon I also made two headbands by cutting them 20 in. and tying the same knot. If you have normal weight and length hair stick with 9 in.

Here is a pic of my storage for them. I keep them in my vintage silver cup which was my husband’s great grandmothers, makes me happy each morning! Let me know if you try them or what prints you find!!

hair tie storage


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