Nursery Designs


I have to say, my son’s nursery is probably my favorite room in our house. I just love every inch of it and how each part was a fun and special project. My mom made the curtains, I had a dream of black and white striped curtains in a nursery since I was in college. It may sound weird but I just saw it! The rocking chair we found on craigslist and my husband worked endlessly for weeks on the high gloss yellow paint. The lamp over the chair is vintage, but my favorite part is…….



Our amazing abacus!!!!! My husband made this and I painted all those beads. It was a labor of love, took such a long time but I just love it!! The quilt is a special piece too, my mother-in-law made it for our son. I also love this little section



Our son came home in the same blue Feltman Brother’s that my husband wore home, it was extremely special. The knobs his clothes are hanging on are from my husband and my home in historic Wake Forest, NC and the hangers were mine when I was a child.

Now I do love our nursery and wouldn’t change a thing but a girl can dream, and there will always be more babies……..check some of these beauties out.

This is more of a big boy room, but I love that tire swing!

Love this modern lamp.

And I can’t get enough of this precious bedding! Just love planning………even though I currently have no plans in the works for another nursery.



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