Vintage Treasures

Everything Vintage is my favorite antique store in Williamsburg….well it’s technically in Toano but still, it’s my favorite! Williamsburg is loaded with antique stores, there is literally one on every corner. But Williamsburg antiques aren’t exactly our style. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve found plenty of cool treasures in the huge antique mall here but when it comes to mid century furniture and amazing vintage clothes I just love this store!

If you live in Raleigh, and you love antiques, you know Suzanna’s. If you live in Raleigh and don’t love antiques, go, you will love them when you leave. This place is basically a hole in the wall, no air conditioning and space heaters in the winter but it’s heaven. I am seriously getting chills typing about it. Not a weekend goes by that my mama doesn’t tell me about her newest find or the surprise she has waiting for me from there on my next trip home. They have an amazing collection of milk glass at all times. They have a whole room of jewelry and the cutest little shelf of vintage golden books. I have a lamp from Suzannas that I love, it is straight out of Mad Men and I was obsessed the second I saw it. 

If you happen to live in the panhandle of FL, or travel there for vacation, check out Smith’s Antique Mall in Destin. The layout of this place is fantastic. It is so organized and clean, but the prices reflect that. No smooth talking bargaining at this place. There is a hard rule that they will not negotiate on anything less than $100. I once found a breathtaking, vintage lucite bar with 2 bar stools. It was amazing, I stopped dead in my tracks to stare and respect the beauty of such an unbelievable piece that was in pristine condition. Sad to say, the $4000 (very good price I might add) bar did not come home with us.

Now, to share with you some of my favorite pieces that I hope to have for a very long time. Below are two of my favorite dresses although I rarely get a chance to wear them. The yellow is from Everything Vintage I talked about above. It’s from the 40’s, 100% silk and just beautiful. The sleeves are huge and puffy! I have to say, this dress was the first thing I tried on after losing all my baby weight. The second is a vintage nightgown from the 60’s. I got it at this little antique shop in Wake Forest, NC, my home town. I saw it around Thanksgiving in 2012. I begged my husband to get it for me but my mama had already snuck back in a purchased it! I have not worn this one yet and would really love some suggestions, it’s completely see through so it needs a full slip but belt it? Denim jacket? I just don’t know??


Vintage dresses



Below are mostly small happy’s from my mama each time I visit home. The vintage tray is from a cute little shop in Youngsville, NC, and the purse as well, both waiting for me when I got in the door! The jewelry was my mama’s from the 80’s (maybe not vintage but still so cool) but the ring is mine that my grandfather had made for me before I was born, a 10 karat brown topaz I love dearly. The tussy mussy and door knob I have had for years. Cary gave me the door knob when we were renovating our house in 2008. We never got around to using it because we moved but I kept it as a sweet reminder of our time in that house and all the work we did. The tussy mussy my mama gave me when I was in high school and I used it to carry my flowers in my wedding, very special.
Vintage accessories

So these are just a few of my favorite pieces. I have more but they don’t mean quite as much and are more fun than anything else. I would say antiquing is more a southern tradition but it is so enjoyable to take a Saturday and just hop around looking for treasure, try it!



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