The Art of a Good Thank You

I came across this interesting article a few days ago, 7 Reasons To Bring Back Thank You Notes. I actually wasn’t aware they had left but I will blame that on my southern upbringing. I wanted to write a blog on the art of a handwritten letter. Writing a thank you letter, in this day, I think is over looked and out of touch but it shouldn’t be! With the world of Facebook message, email and text it’s quicker to just shoot off a quick “thanks” while doing 4,000 other things. But we should make the time to pick out a card, hand write a warm thank you and walk it to the mail box. So with that being said, I compiled some of my favorite stationary to get everyone motivated to pick up a pen!

{Rifle Paper Co.}

{Kate Spade}

{Crane & Co.}

I love these sweet thank you’s for a baby gift

Do you have any favorite brands? Or maybe a great source for personalized stationary, please share!


2 thoughts on “The Art of a Good Thank You

  1. Came across this post while scrolling through your blog..I totally agree. I love writing thank you notes as well as receiving them. I believe a thank you note is a great way to show your appreciation for something in a deeper way! Thanks for posting this


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