Forget flowers, buy me COLLARDS!


I’m a true southern girl! I love love LOVE collards and am blessed to be married to a true southern boy who loves them too. Fortunately we found our son shares in our love. Collards are delicious but if you want them delicious they are a lot of work!

We have a great food program here in town called Relay Foods and we order all our meat, produce and dairy from them. Last week we ordered 4 bunches of collards and I cooked them literally all day Saturday. Here is my how to:

First, before anything else clean those beautiful leafy greens as much as you can. Good, fresh collards are covered in dirt and you don’t want that. Also remove all the stems.

Next I cook about 4-5 slices of bacon, I had turkey bacon on hand which is fine but pork bacon of course has a lot more fat and does add quite a bit more flavor. We aren’t going for vegetarian or healthy here so just use what you prefer.

Once the bacon is cooked start adding in the collards handful by handful. I add a bit of butter too if I use turkey bacon. Depending on how much you have and the size of your pot you may be able to add them all at one time. I had to do this in steps since my pot was not big enough to hold all my collards at once. Just keep cooking them down and adding more. Once all your collards are in the pot and starting to cook down add whatever seasoning you like. I do salt, pepper and red pepper but garlic powder is great as well. Just add as much as you like and play with it. Start with a little and taste and keep going until you get the flavor you like! I always add about 1-2 cups of good stock too, chicken or beef. After this let those babies cook ALL DAY, on low, covered, and stir every hour or so.


You are left with beautiful, delicious, melt in your mouth, heavenly greens!! Enjoy!


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