Relay Foods

I’ve been meaning to post about Relay Foods for awhile now.  I have a small love affair with Relay, well big love affair. They are wonderful. I discovered them about a year ago after Hoke was born. When we lived in FL we were spoiled with amazing restaurants, Publix grocery stores and a great local farmer’s market. We bought our ground beef from a local grass fed farm, it was honestly too good to be true. When we moved to Williamsburg, VA in 2012 we thought for sure it would be the same but we found out very quickly we were wrong. Don’t get me wrong, Williamsburg has a wonderful farmer’s market on Saturdays but it isn’t all year and the prices are quite high. We do have Trader Joe’s which was pretty much our saving grace. Then I discovered Relay!

How Relay works is you order all your groceries online the day before you pick them up. Our pickup day is Friday so I place my order Thursday night. Relay uses local farmers for the majority of their produce, meat and dairy. All of their staple items come from the Charlottesville, VA Whole Foods. You do not pay a delivery fee they just ask that you have a $50 minimum. Our pickup location is about 2 minutes from our house, it is so easy and convenient! The prices may seem high if you aren’t used to Whole Food’s prices or local produce which is always a bit higher.

One great thing about Relay is they are growing! They have added pickup locations in NC, one in RTP, one in the tobacco district in Durham and one in downtown Raleigh near Boylan Heights. I couldn’t be more excited for my hometown! They are currently all over VA. Check them out, you won’t be sorry!


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