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On Wednesday I woke up at 6:00 to Hoke singing, coffee grinding and Peju (our great dane) whining for me to get out of bed so she could get in. My first thought was “and so it begins” another day……. too few hours and too much to do. But I stopped and remembered where I was just 4 short years ago. We had recently moved to Florida and I didn’t know a soul, I was terrified. Every day I woke up and had absolutely nothing to do and would think “why even get out of bed?” That didn’t last long, don’t worry. I met amazing, life long friends, spent sweet time with Cary’s family regularly and built a stronger marriage with Cary in the years we lived in FL but those first few months were so hard. I sat there in the bed Wednesday (you know for the 2 seconds I had before the day began) and thanked GOD for all the blessings I have now even though they do mean lack of sleep, days without showers, and a messy house, I wouldn’t trade it for anything! I thought back to those sad, endless days of nothing to do but sit and feel sorry for myself and thank the good Lord for a cup that spills over with blessings!

Seriously, be thankful for all the troubles you don’t have! A very dear friend once posted on Instragram how she was frustrated that her sweet boys had spilled milk on the kitchen floor then she stepped back and had to think “wow, I should be grateful we can not only afford milk but that we can also afford to spill a whole gallon and buy more, some people cannot do that!” She may not remember this, and I hope you are reading if you do, but I will never forget that post, put so much in perspective for me! Be thankful, even in the trenches of life, BE THANKFUL!


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