Weekly Cleaning Schedule

{via: Blooming Homestead}

Do you have a weekly plan when it comes to cleaning? Before having a child I did all my cleaning on Thursdays and cooked our meals on Sundays. Laundry was done pretty much every other day. Now that you throw a child in the mix, most chores must be done during nap time so that’s where the schedule comes in to play. When I first found this I wasn’t sure, not having the whole house clean at one almost gave me a panic attack but after weeks of reactive cleaning here and there I realized I had to set up a plan.

I found this on Pinterest about a year ago and have pretty much stuck to it every week. I do still cook my meals on Sunday and do laundry on Monday and Thursday but everything else I keep on track and it helps like you would not believe! Tackling one small cleaning job every day is so much easier than tackling an entire house once a week. I don’t know about you but my house feels like it’s 10,000 square feet when it came to cleaning day. This makes the task so much simpler and I spend a lot more detailed time on each room this way.

The plan looks pretty too doesn’t it? Pretty things are always more fun! Try it and let me know what you think.


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