Hope Filled Home with Mary Lindsey Blanton


Today I want to share my sweet friend’s blog with you and a post she made a few weeks ago that really made me think. Mary Lindsey is probably one of the best moms I know and one of the strongest Christian women I’ve ever met. Her blog is sweet, funny but best of all HONEST! She is an amazing wife and has 5 beautiful children so please go check her blog out.

But the most important thing I wanted to share was a blog she posted at the beginning of the month about limiting your social media time. The full blog is found here. This blog post hit home with me. I’m not a huge facebooker (is that a word??) I used to be believe me, but when Cary and I suffered a sudden miscarriage 3 years ago I just decided I didn’t want everyone in every aspect of my life anymore. I do love Instagram though, boy do I love seeing all of your pictures! Your sweet kids, your dinners, the books your’e reading…….I can’t get enough! But Mary Lindsey had a great point in her post, everyone highlights the best parts of there lives, as they should, but you start to compare yourself and comparison to others takes away from your own joy!

Love this piece of art

So I’ve decided to spend less time online and more time in life!



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