DIY Contact Paper Box

box finished

Our living room was being taken over by toys but before toys it was movies, knitting supplies, dog toys and just stuff so this project is great for anyone who has a living room so basically anyone! I don’t know about you but boxes at target are crazy stupid expensive. $20………..FOR A BOX????? You have to be kidding me, and I needed at least 2. I budget like crazy and that is so NOT in the budget so I decided to play around with some things that worked. I found a great tutorial for a box covered in fabric but when I tried it with some scrap fabric I had it just didn’t work.

During a play date yesterday at one of Hoke’s and my best friend’s home I noticed these cute boxes she had. I immediately asked where she got them because she is frugal like myself, when she said she made them I about dropped my mimosa (yes we do playdates right!) They were cuter than any $20, $30, $50 box I had ever seen. So here is my short and easy tutorial:

contact paper box tools


1. One box, whatever size you would like, a free one is what I like best!

2. Contact Paper. I found this roll at Target for $6 and it is more than enough

3. Scissors

3. Measuring tape

cut contact paper


Next, cut the flaps off the top, no need to be extremely neat as it will be covered by the contact paper, but as straight as possible. Now you need to measure each side and start cutting your contact paper. As you can see above, I cut the corners out of each side to fit around the top and bottom of the box.

Once all 4 pieces are cut, start placing them on the box. In order to avoid bubbles, I started at the bottom and pulled the paper off the back to the first notch and bent it over the bottom, then peeled the rest to the next notch, smoothed it down the side and then took the remainder off and smoothed it down the inside of the box. Repeat for all 4 sides and you are finished!

Let me know if you try it, or if you find some cool contact paper, Target had 3 choices, black and white, this blue and white and green and white.

And of course, have fun!


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