Done list

We are all guilty of making a “To Do List”  that is far too long and impossible to finish. To do lists are great, don’t get me wrong, in fact I put things on my list that I either have already finished or always do (like brush my teeth) just to have things to check off. So I started thinking, a to do list does help you remember things but about 95% of a to do list, at least for me, is psychological. It makes me feel great to check things off that list. I want to take a picture and post it too the world…..LOOK WHAT I ACCOMPLISHED!!!!!

That is where the DONE list comes in! I decided I would sit down a few days a week and make a list of what I accomplished that day. If anyone else looked at my list (you can see one above from yesterday) they may think the items are silly but they are and were important to me. Notice the last thing on my list from yesterday, Hoke’s first haircut. This was a big deal for me. I put it off and put it off, it’s my baby’s hair and I just never wanted to cut it. But we went, he had a blast and I survived! I added that one to the list!

You may think this is a waste of time or just another thing to add to your list but looking at a list of things I have “done” makes me feel, for about 5 minutes, like I’m not treading water like I do feel most of the day.

If you want to start a DONE list with me and share it on Facebook or Instagram hashtag #DONElist and tag me (@)siftwithstyle so I can see! let’s see if it can help you too!


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