Cheap Andy Warhol Art DIY

photo (18)


I bought the Andy Warhol tomato soup cans back in 2012, yes I’ve had them that long. I love Andy Warhol art and these were just the cutest cans ever. Well, we don’t eat Campbell’s soup so for 2 years they have sat on my kitchen counter collecting dust. Then I stumbled upon this DIY project last year and had it in my mind that this was the perfect idea for the labels!

I don’t live very close to an Ikea but recently a friend made a trip so I asked her to pick me up a bunch of these frames, they were perfect and drum roll please………………………..$2 a piece!!!

I didn’t want to do a whole blog on this project since I completely copied the link above so check out her blog. This would be cute for any label you find, Campbell’s puts out specialty labels a few times a year!


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