Weekend Re-Cap

I had a lot of fun writing about what was going on in my life last week. I don’t use Facebook much, other than for Sift, and mostly keep my personal life private but it was fun going through the highlites of my weekend so I thought I would share what we did this weekend as well!

You saw last week, how unbelievably glamorous our house is, well this weekend won’t disappoint (do you catch the sarcasm?)

hoke new shoes

First and foremost, Hoke and I started the weekend right by shoe shopping…..for him of course, those days are over for me. Our wonderful, sweet, perfect son has grown 1.5 shoe sizes in less than 2 months, note I didn’t say cheap. So off we went to Stride Rite and came back with these awesome big boy shoes! He couldn’t care less, the paper and the box were cooler but at least he has shoes that fit now!

Williamsburg Vineyard

I did do something very special this weekend and that was get a sitter and go out to lunch with my very good friends. I don’t do this……………EVER! But we decided we were going to bite the bullet and go celebrate a new baby boy coming. So we had a very nice shower for my dear friend at the Williamsburg Vineyard. We had lunch at the Gabriel Archer Tavern and it was perfect! I had an entire meal without telling anyone at our table not to throw food on the floor or having to feed any of them when they put too much food in their mouth, it was unreal! I even enjoyed a nice glass of wine.

bracelet set

Cary was out of town this weekend putting the final touches on our home before we list it. I had some time to myself Friday night so I decided to play around with some of my beads and made this cute new bracelet set! It’s available now on Sift with Style.


And last but not least, Hoke got his very first set of legos this weekend. We had such a busy weekend with friends, sitters and running around that I thought we would lay low Sunday afternoon and get a new toy. We went to Target and picked out a huge bag of jumbo legos and came right home to make this dinosaur and dog……..you see it right??!!!

I joke I know, that my life is super glamorous, but in all honesty it’s the perfect life for me and I just love sharing it! It really is the little things that make you so happy, family, friends, love……….and wine!


One thought on “Weekend Re-Cap

  1. Hi Katie! One of the toys I saved when we sold our home to move to the beach was his Legos! I remember one of his birthday parties was a Lego theme. :-). Enjoy every moment with him.


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