Best. Book. Ever.



valley of the dollsI read a lot. I wouldn’t say I’m a bookworm, and was by no means one as a child, but I love getting wrapped up in a book. So I have read a lot of good books, well in my opinion good books, and year after year I have never found a book that compares to Valley of the Dolls. I don’t know what it is about this book that I love so much. Is it the striking pink cover (sure that helps) is it the old feel and look of the book, the font in my copy is even like an old typewriter? Or maybe it takes me back to Sophomore year of college when I devoured it in less than a week. Whatever it is, it is and always will be my favorite.

The author, Jacqueline Susann, won the best dressed woman in television 4 times during her career. It is rumored Susann typed the book on a hot pink typewriter and she was also well known for dressing in Pucci clothing almost every day……….not only would be be BFF’s I think she is my soul mate.

This book isn’t for everyone! It is flooded with drugs, alcohol and sex but maybe that’s what makes it oh so interesting! What I do love, behind all the darkness of the book is the message, all the material things won’t make you happy. In the end they had to be true to themselves to overcome…….life.

Have you read it? Do you love it like me? Do you go back and re-read it like I do? Do you want to re-decorate your entire house to feel like you live in the book? Oh wait that’s just me! But Jonathan Adler helps!



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