Weekend Re-Cap



WooooHoooo! Sift hair ties are now available on Sift with Style. That was the bulk of my son napping part of the weekend. Cary was back in NC again working on the house (praying to have it listed this week) so it was just Hoke, Peju and me taking on the town. On Saturday Hoke and I walked around CW (that’s what we locals call Colonial Williamsburg). It’s so nice on Duke of Gloucester St. with a toddler. There are no cars, only pedestrians and it’s mostly families. We spent most of the afternoon chasing horses and yelling “NEIGH NEIGH” but I was able to catch a few pictures.






Please don’t ask me what anything is. I do know the second picture is the Governor’s Palace and the third is ACTUAL horses, but other than that, no clue. I will ‘fess up and say I didn’t pay attention much in history class. Now, if you want to know how to get to the Kate Spade outlet, call me, I’ll get you there the quickest way possible. But I will say, we are very blessed to live in such a beautiful city, full of history (that Cary will teach our son).

Sunday was rainy and gross so we stayed in. All in all it was a mostly uneventful weekend but fun!


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