Hard Life Choices

photoIt’s precious isn’t it? It’s our home. It’s our first home together that we literally put our blood, sweat and tears into (well more Cary’s blood and sweat and more my tears) but still, it’s our home. But it won’t be for long. Very soon someone else will be calling this beautiful little house their home. It is going on the market next week.

Cary and I bought this home in 2008. We began looking in 2007, a year and a half after we got married. We were so excited but realized very quickly how little money we had and how little was available. We don’t like the cookie cutter, starter houses. Don’t get me wrong, they are cute and what is best for most first time home buyers but if anyone knows my husband they know, he doesn’t do what’s normal, mainstream or even makes sense sometimes. We probably looked at 30 houses, no joke, over about 4 months. My best friend’s dad called me one day and said “hey, do y’all want to live on N. Main” (a little background if you aren’t from Wake Forest, NC, N. Main is the “main” street, all historic homes and breathtakingly beautiful!) I said “ummmm of course but I have told you how much we have to spend, that may buy us someone’s shed out back.” He said nope, I have a house for you. Now I’ll be honest, my very first thought was “please don’t be the little white house, please don’t be the little white house…..” it was the little white house! The house had been neglected, rented out, and just left behind. Long story short it needed ALOT of work!

Well, we went to see it. I had a stomach ache the whole time, it wasn’t even livable. I smiled through the walk through and thanked him so much for showing us just sure we would get in the car and say “gosh, I feel bad he wasted his time” but we got back in the car and Cary was grinning from ear to ear and said “I LOVE IT!!!” so then it began……

We gutted it, to the studs……we lived with my parent’s for 6 months, got a great dane puppy AND gutted a 70 year old home all in our second year of marriage…..yes I should write a book. We were able to live in the house for a year and a half until Cary was offered a job in FL and we moved but we kept it all this time and rented it out. We never really got to enjoy the house finished. We came back often and did small things and recently had it completely painted for the sale.

It’s bittersweet. Yes, the house is too small for our family and our tastes have changed. We do still love old homes and would still love to have one, but not in a neighborhood, we want to have land. But it’s our home and we will miss it terribly. It’s so hard being an adult sometimes. This goes up there with buying tires on your car and washing clothes, no one wants to do it but you have to if you are responsible. We can’t just keep this house forever because it means so much to us.

We have moved soooooo many times in our 8 years of marriage, all rentals but this, but each place we have made our home because it’s us and I love us! I have to remember that when I feel myself gravitating towards feeling sorry for myself or Cary that yes it is our first “house” but it’s not our home really, WE are our home. I think about this beautiful little cottage and how badly I would love to live in it again but would I really want to without Cary, without Hoke and without Peju? No I wouldn’t. I would think it’s cute and charming but it would just be a house. It was us that made it a home and wherever we are, that is our home, so that is what gets me through and helps the process……………but I will probably sulk a few more times over the next few months, I’m only human.

So if you are looking in Wake Forest for a charming 2 bedroom 2 bath home with an amazing kitchen check MLS listings next week! And keep checking, I’m working on a blog with pics of all our work!!!


3 thoughts on “Hard Life Choices

  1. I felt the same way selling our condo because it was our first home together, not for the same reasons, but I still understand! I have a great pillow on our bed: Home is Wherever You Are. So true. Hope it sells fast!


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