13 Random Facts About Me


I read a lot of blogs. In almost all the blogs I read every author does a blog on random facts about them so I thought I would join in on the fun! If you know me at all, most of these won’t be new to you, I am a very transparent person, what you see is what you get. If you don’t know me well…..enjoy!

1. My full name is Katie LeWare Humber: But my maiden name is Hayes. I didn’t keep it. Not because I don’t love my family but because LeWare has been a middle name in my mother’s family for years so I wanted to keep it

2. Pink is not just my favorite color: It’s kind of a lifestyle for me.

3. I’m a born again Christian…………….who supports gay marriage: Yep, we exist, you’re reading one’s blog right now.

4. I am actually doing what I always wanted to do: I had a few career aspirations, I intended on being a pastry chef at one time (see #5) but my long-term, lifelong goal was to be a mom. I am now and I love every single second of it.

5. I am a trained chef: Even if you do know me well you may not know this! I went to culinary school. I intended on becoming a pastry chef…..until I took baking and hated it. I never wanted to work in a restaurant so the whole “chef” thing really didn’t work out but I do cook all the time and love it!

6. My husband is a doctor: Not a medical doctor but he has his PhD in Math and teaches at William and Mary. Cary is one person I know (and I have not found many) who truly loves what he does. He is so happy teaching and really has a passion for math. Even if they didn’t pay Cary, I think he would still stay and work.

7. I drive like an old lady: I didn’t always! I had a lead foot from the time I was 16-21 then I got a ticket and for some reason it scared the pure crap out of me and I just don’t speed anymore.

8. I hate, HATE, cilantro: I mean seriously, the stuff tastes like dirty feet.

9. Hoke is our second baby: We lost our first child in 2011 during our second trimester. This is very, very rare so please don’t be scared if you are entering your second trimester of a pregnancy while reading this. Once you are past 12 weeks you are typically out of the woods but not in our case the first time. It was, and still is, the hardest thing I have ever gone through. It changed me for the rest of my life.

10. I can fish: This may surprise even those who know me well because I’m quite the girly girl, but I can fish and I can fish well!

11. I was proposed to in a Pez Dispenser: Yep, Cary placed the diamond in a pez and offered me a candy. Even after I saw the diamond I didn’t know what it was for!

12. I’m an only child who never wanted siblings: Until I saw my husband with his siblings and now I wish I had them. Luckily they seem to like me enough that I just call them my brother and sister.

13. I HATE SPORTS: I really do. I don’t even try anymore. They bore the mess out of me, I seriously don’t get it, any of them.

So there you have it! Me in a nutshell.


3 thoughts on “13 Random Facts About Me

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  2. Hi! Just wanted to leave a comment …. 3 and 7 are me, too – and purple is a lifestyle for me, like pink is for you 🙂 And I’m chuckling at your chilantro comment – honestly, I’ve never tried that, BUT – I went to a seminar that was free and included a “free gourmet dinner” at a big name Italian eatery around here … well, of course, because the seminar people were paying for it, the dinner was predetermined … ok – they give us two chicken cutlets (the size of your hand) covered in green pesto sauce. Swimming. Which I had never tried. I wouldn’t put it in the dirty feet category, but after one bite, I started scraping … meanwhile my friend that I had dragged along was like “nouvelle cusinine – I love this!” Bleech! LOL


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