Fashion is a Sport?!?

Ok, so maybe not but if you read my recent post, I hate sports, so any way sports can mix with one of my favorite things, I’m all for it.

Anna and Alice, an amazing boutique in Raleigh, carries a ton of my jewelry. They have been fabulous for getting Sift with Style on the map. Carri, the owner, emailed me last week and asked me to make a few necklaces for NC State and Carolina (UNC that is) since school is starting back up. I thought what a great idea! I can see them now at all the football games!!

So I made a few red and a few carolina blue but threw in a some other colors too that would work for all those other schools in the great state of NC! (And if you keep reading you’ll notice two more I just had to throw in)

So here are some new ones I made. I have them on the Etsy shop but just being sold as their color, if you want something special let me know!


{NC State}








{Of course I had to have William and Mary in there!}

And last but not least, if I had a college!


{Katie University, has a nice ring to it!}



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