Our Heart and Soul


As promised, I am blogging about the work we did to our house! Here is the post on how I feel about the sale and now I want to share the journey we took together fixing it up!

When we bought the house in 2008 there were 3 different styles of kitchen cabinets, yes 3! There was a light fixture IN the kitchen cabinets…..don’t ask?? There was a hockey stick holding up stairs that were almost at a 90 degree angle, no joke. The living room had 5 layers of wallpaper, and carpet that had seen much, MUCH better days. The basement looked like something out of a horror movie and the garage, infested with bugs and came equipped with a shower……with no walls. Yes the house was a hot mess! But it was ours, all ours!

We tackled the kitchen first. Cary gutted it to the studs, you could see the chimney while standing in the kitchen. Here is the kitchen after





Oh I miss that pot filler, sink, faucet, concrete counter top……….Cary made the counter top with his bare hands, I’m not kidding! And here is the hall bath!

IMG_0624A picture of the living room. Cary built the window seat with storage underneath, oh and see those floors??? He re-finished them throughout the entire house!

IMG_0622And other than the kitchen, our biggest project was putting in a brand new master bath. The home was only one bathroom when we purchased it so we took out half the living room and put in a master bath. We purchased the antique vanity from a little shop in Wake Forest (sadly they are no longer open) and Cary changed it around so it worked as the bathroom vanity!

IMG_1835So that is it! We so love this little house! We hope it will make someone else just as happy as it makes us!








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