In the Trenches-Real Life


Life is hard, there is no way around it. But I really think life is getting harder and harder with everyone’s life broadcast on every screen imaginable. You have updates on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…….you have reality tv, life is everywhere. But is it really life? No! We see the highlights of everyone’s lives, the good parts. We see the trips, the things people have bought, the well behaved, well dressed, clean calm children, the healthy food…..the list goes on and on and on making you feel a little more inadequate every time you refresh your browser or check your phone.

I’m so guilty of it. I have a good day where I feel like Hoke has had a good schedule by noon, had 2 good meals, dinner is in the crock pot WOW I feel like a million bucks and then I pick up my phone and browse through instagram and all the sudden, things seem to fall apart and I don’t feel so great anymore. Sure, I could stop checking it, get off social media and never watch tv again but come on we all know that won’t happen. But I do try to limit it as much as possible because of those feelings of inadequacy.

I used to be different, I’m going to come right out and say it. I wanted the best of the best of everything and honestly, we were making enough money to make that happen. But then life hit me right in the face. I struggled for awhile after being knocked down a few pegs and had to realize what is written above, “Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful”

So with my little rant above I wanted to share with you “life” and today was a great day to do that. Hoke slept a whopping ONE hour all day in naps and has 3 teeth coming in, our house is not so fun right now. The highlight of our day was taking Cary lunch and running around campus to get some energy out! But I wanted to show what my house looks like today. No highlights here, no pretty pictures, just life.

This is our living room, I would love to say it doesn’t always look like this, but yeah, it does


Dishes in the sink. Now I will say, I am very VERY blessed to live with a man who does not believe in gender roles, sweet Cary Ross is a feminist in all his glory. We are equal 100% so he will do this for sure! Now that also means I can take out trash…..

I love plants, do I love having them crowded in areas they shouldn’t go? Not so much, but wandering hands love that dirt!

And now my favorite, the diapers. Yes we are so cool and hip, we use cloth diapers. We love the environment and are just all around better than anyone else on the planet because we use cloth diapers (I really hope you are hearing the sarcasm, we DO NOT feel that way!) They are cute on their little bottoms and they save money but they take a ton of work and are not pretty drying, this is our bedroom (not pictured: a 150 lb. great dane asleep on our bed)

Yes, that is a fishing rod, in our bathroom and that is where it lives


Oh, what’s that you ask? Just Hoke’s box collection. Wait, you don’t have a box collection in your living room? Weird??

So there you have it. I have to say, I do feel like about 50% of the time I have it all together. I cook for my family every night, they always have clean clothes and a somewhat clean house and we don’t live in chaos. But I ain’t perfect and I don’t pretend to be. The secret to all of this…….surround yourself with people who love you for you and not what you have, do, or look like and I have to brag and say I have found that. My friends, family and husband know the good and the bad and for some strange reason, stick around!


One thought on “In the Trenches-Real Life

  1. I love it! Same story here with a drying rack full of bum genius. šŸ™‚ Gone are the days of a picture perfect home, but oh how sweet are the little ones that make it messy!


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