{Via: Brown Dress with White Dots}

I’ve fallen of the radar lately I feel like when it comes to blogging and I PROMISED myself I would blog every week day in August, oh well. I tend to celebrate my birthday for about a week instead of just one day so we made a weekend out of it. This was our first weekend in many, many months that we have had free, completely and totally free to do anything we wanted as a family. It was wonderful! I just thought I would share some items I am currently obsessed with lately. I feel so often now that I am a mom and don’t work outside the home, that I have no clue what is going on in the world around me. If it’s not on Pinterest or Instagram then I don’t know about it. I thought the picture at the beginning of the post was only fitting, this is where I would CURRENTLY like to be right now. I would love to enjoy a hot cup of coffee, in it’s entirety while reading the growing stack of magazines that keep coming every month and I have no time to read. But……here is what I am currently doing and currently liking!

Ok, so it’s from 2012, I have never claimed to be the be all, know all on music even before a child but I am LOVING Zac Brown Bands Uncaged CD. It features Trombone Shorty and Amos Lee (someone please give me some props that I know who both of those artists are!)

We ate at Carrot Tree Restaurant for my birthday lunch. Williamsburg doesn’t have a huge selection of great restaurants but this one is probably my favorite. It’s very kitschy, everything is either green or orange so it all looks like a giant carrot, but the food is really good and the baked goods are even better. If you are ever in Williamsburg stop in and get a strawberry lemonade, they are to die for!

I am currently reading the Vacationers by Emma Straub. It’s pretty good, nothing to write home about (like the pun??) quite yet but I’ll let you know when I finish!

We decided to watch The Grand Budapest Hotel for my birthday. Cary and I are huge Wed Anderson fans, Cary because he is an amazing directory, the story lines are phenomenal and he always has a great cast, me because the colors are always awesome! This one did not disappoint. Now, I can’t honestly say I saw it to the end, I did fall asleep around 9:30 but what I saw was great! I would suggest anyone rent it……..and finish it!


I’m really excited about this new necklace I just posted today! There are a few other new goodies as well! So that is what I’ve been up to this weekend and week. Could someone share some music that is pretty good right now, you know since 2012?


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