Back to School

I don’t know about you, but Dazed and Confused always reminds me of back to school time. I love this movie, it’s one you can watch over and over and over again………..well at least I can.

I loved the first day when I was in school, second, third, fourth and on I hated but that first day was always so much fun! I always had a new outfit, hair style picked out, new lip gloss the works! I went to a really small private school so the funny part was I saw most of my friends all summer long anyway so it’s not like you hadn’t JUST seen this people the weekend prior but it was just something about that first day!

When we were in high school my girl friends and I used to buy the binders with the clear plastic envelope in the front and fill it with pictures of the summer. It was like a “yearbook” of what we did over the last 2.5 months. Most of the pictures were the same on each of our binders but it was still so much fun to see everyone’s on that first day! If I had a “first day of school” this week like a lot of the rest of the world I would totally max out my bank account at Poppin, I just love everything about that site!

I mean come on…….a site, that you can choose everything pink!!!!!! HELLO!!!!!! Who will let me take some classes just for the first day? I’d totally sport a fab backpack like this Milly style.

Do y’all love back to school as much as me? What was your favorite part? Did you have a new outfit, hair style and backpack?



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