If I Knew I Would Not FAIL!

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We all have dreams and most of us are able to attain those dreams. I always wanted to be a mom, my husband Cary has, since college, wanted to get his Phd and since finishing, wanted to teach. We do reach for goals and accomplish them every day….but what about those dreams you have in the way, way back of your mind that you know probably won’t happen but always wonder….what if??? I’d own a restaurant!

According to many sources, 9 out of 10 restaurants fail in the first year. Everywhere you look, especially in this economy, you see restaurants going out of business. But….if someone told me today that I would not fail, I’d open a restaurant yesterday. I wouldn’t do this alone, and wouldn’t want to. It is definitely something I dream about Cary and me doing but know we probably never will.

Owning a restaurant is a huge commitment, I think it’s bigger than any other business but that is just my opinion. Cary worked for a well known restaurant in Wake Forest all through high school and I remember him telling me that the owner was always there, ALWAYS. They never go home, it is their life! Part of me thinks it would be so much fun to raise a family while owning a restaurant, having our kids learn to cook before they can walk and tasting every food imaginable. But then I think of all those long nights and what it really could mean raising a child when you own a restaurant, homework in the back office, carrying them to bed after they fall asleep in the kitchen……I don’t think I want that.

We wouldn’t want anything big or flashy. I’m not thinking of the next Four Seasons, but a small breakfast and lunch spot would be fun! Something cute of course with a small shop attached like Zest Cafe, one of my favorite spots in Raleigh. We would of course want to source all local, sustainable food. Maybe we would have a small catering business on the side or pre-made meals people can pick up during lunch and take home for dinner….the options are endless.

What would you do? If I could look at you right now through this computer and promise you you would not fail (I won’t do this because I have no clue) but if I did somehow know, what would you do? Would you dance, sing, act? Would you quit your job and write the next great novel? Would you open a boutique or buy a chain? Maybe you would travel and see the world. It is fun to think about, and maybe if you are adventurous, do it!

I have a friend, Bethany, that I met through Cary a few years ago (and felt immediately we were soul mates). Bethany and her husband Dan are the first couple that come to mind when I think of two people who truly do what they dream of! I won’t get into their story too much, because I really want you to read her blog, but they are fabulous photographers who travel the country! Please check out her blog linked to her name above and get motivated to live your dream!

So if someone can promise me we would not fail………and can fund this venture, comment below and I’ll get started on a business plan tomorrow!!


One thought on “If I Knew I Would Not FAIL!

  1. I would love to own a farm. I want cows, chickens, a full blown vegetable garden. I want my own raw milk everyday and my OWN vegetables, organic, GMOfree and pesticide free! I want to be self sustainable!!!!


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