The Book that Changed Me

You may read my blog (and believe me, I love you for it) and you may not be spiritual, or a wife, but the book The Power of the Praying Wife changed me. It may have had to do with the stage of life I was in or the deep, deep hole of sadness I had dug myself into but this book made me realize that life is bigger than me and my problems.

It was a hard time in mine and Cary’s life. We had lost our baby. I wrote about this in my 13 random facts blog, but didn’t really touch on how emotionally crushing this time was for me. Cary was not only going through the loss of our first child, but he was also very unhappy with his job at the time. We just did not know where to turn or what to do next. I was at home visiting my mom and dad, which I did a lot during this time, and found this book on a shelf at their house. I asked my mom if she needed it, she had read it years ago, she said no, go ahead and take it. Now I’ve taken numerous books from my parents that I always intended to read and never did and felt this would probably be the same. I came home, got up early the next day and decided to read a chapter. I was hooked! This book spoke to me chapter after chapter like no other book every had. Each and every day it was like God was telling me exactly what prayer Cary needed, and I needed, just to get through.

It was during this time I learned how to hand things over to God. I’m not perfect at this by any means and struggle all the time handing things over, but this book showed me how to have faith that God will guide you and hold your hand the whole time you are in those deep pits that seem like you will never see daylight again.

Like I said before, it could be the time in our life I was reading this that makes it so very special but I will never forget the time I shared with God while reading this book and how drastically our lives changed during that time. I don’t want what I say next to give the impression that I believe God is a magician, or that if you do things exactly right wonderful things will happen because they may not. God has a plan for everyone and everything but when I started this book we were in a bad way, so sad and so hurt. During the time I read this and gave it all to God we got pregnant with Hoke and Cary was hired at William and Mary, that is not a lie!

Life has not been rainbows and unicorns since then, we have had our fair share of struggles, some even bigger than before…..but I had learned so much while reading this book that I knew God would walk with me, guide me, and be there to help me to the other side.

This book may not be for you, you may be a man, a single woman, or someone who does not believe these things and all that is fine. But, I did want to make it known that a great work of fiction does not have to be the only book that can change someone. Something as simple as a daily devotional can change your life forever!


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