The Printed Button Down

I have to say, I love the printed button down trend. I have always loved bright colored clothes. Of course anything pink is perfect, but I love lime green, bright blue and lilac as well. Now that I have a young child I wear bright colors even more because Hoke seems to like them so much, especially when he was an infant.

I have listed a few of my favorite ones available now in stores, one of which I do own!


I recently purchased this top and I love it! I think my favorite part of wearing this top is hearing Hoke say “duck, duck, duck” over and over again when I wear it. I have paired it with my hot pink banana republic shorts that I bought a few years ago.



Equipment is a bit more out of my price range these days but I do love both of these prints. I like the silk button downs tucked in to wide leg jeans and the highest heals possible!

{Forever 21}

Really like the chambray and floral option Forever 21 has…….and only $23!! I’d pair this with dark skinnies or white and tall boots in the fall!

What do you think of the printed button down trend?




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