Tasty Tuesday-Chicken Series

chicken pot pieOk so technically I’m copying a recipe I already posted but this is what we did the first night with the leftover chicken from last week’s Tasty Tuesday.

All I needed to purchase for this meal were the veggies, and some I’m sure you already have on hand. The biscuits you may need to purchase if you don’t make them from scratch but if you stay tuned next week I am going to talk about my super awesome stock from the bones of this amazing chicken and that is what you use for the base of the chicken pot pie!! See what I mean about getting your money’s worth out of those pesky expensive chickens?!?!?!

So, again, I’m sorry I’m being a bit lazy in my post this week but it was planned and it is part of the series just to show how much you can get out of a whole chicken and each week I hope you get a little less and less afraid of paying $15++ for a small free range chicken…..bare with me!



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