Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

bedside table


If you have a child you know how important a bedtime routine is, a routine period is important. But do you every think about yourself? I think it’s important to have a routine at night to wind down and just get ready for a great night’s sleep, that is if you didn’t live with our night owl (Praise God we have gotten 1 full week of 12 hours though…..not jinxing it!!!) I try to get in bed by 9:30 every night and take about 30 minutes to wind down before cutting off the light.

This is a picture of my vanity beside my side of the bed. Every night my sweet husband gets my water bottle filled (not pictured) and plugs all my electronics up while I do my nighttime beauty routine (ummmmm I wash my face and brush my teeth, oh and take out my contacts, very VERY glamorous!)

I get in bed, scoot over for Peju to climb in and read that day’s Jesus Calling. I don’t read mine in the morning because I find that most days I don’t have time then I forget altogether but if I do it at the beginning of my bed routine I always remember and make time. I love this book! It is such a quick little read and somehow, every single day speaks to me. It is almost scary how closely this book speaks to me on such an intimate level!

I ALWAYS turn my ringer off. So if you text me anytime after 9:30 and don’t hear from me until 5:30 the next morning, now you know why!

I love my Kindle Fire. I have the very first one that came out so it’s super slow and very outdated but I just love it! I typically read books from the library and try to read about a chapter a night, always a fiction book.

Then I put on the cute little eye mask. It says “wake me at noon” I think it’s funny because those days are long gone! I put on my Rodan and Fields chapstick. One of my mom’s very best friends sells her all her Rodan and Fields products and I just love this chapstick!! Tastes like grapefruit and has completely cured my chapped lips!

Last but certainly not least, I peak in on Hoke with the video monitor and call it a night.

So what do you do? Is your routine longer, shorter? Is it different every night? Do you have to have things just so like me or can you climb in bed fully clothed and fall sound asleep? Do you have a bedtime that you stick to or is it different every night?


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