Friday Favorite

This week I have one “favorite” and it’s this post from A Cup of Jo…..probably one of my favorite blogs. You never know what you are going to find on A Cup of Jo!

Her post, as you can read above, was a question by Nora Ephron asking “How would you define yourself in 5 words?” I wanted to expand on this (or lessen I guess you could say) and ask “What are you?”

When you are asked this vague questions, what is your very first response? It is so interesting to ask people this because it says so much about what is most important to them as a person.

The first time I was asked this question my answer was “a woman”. Now I can’t really answer without giving it some thought but I would have to say now I probably would say a mother. That was my mother’s response. My father, the ultra conservative bleeds red white and blue (God love him) said “an American” and my wonderful husband said mathematician.

My very best friend in the whole wide world said a poet which was so beautiful to me. Lauren has 2 masters degrees in creative writing from the 2 most prestigious writing departments in the country, The Iowa Writing Program and Harvard. Lauren is not currently writing poetry as her job but that is how she defines herself because she will not give up on her passion!

So what would you say? What are YOU?

Happy Weekend!!


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