Work to Live or Live to Work??

For the first 4 years of our marriage I supported myself and Cary mostly, for him to accomplish his Phd. I don’t regret it for one single second, but it was hard. There were many tears, many days I wanted to throw in the towel as I watched him work towards his passion and I was just pushing paper to pay the bills. Looking back I served a huge purpose in our lives but it did not feel that way day to day. But my day came to enjoy work!

I am very blessed to have had TWO jobs in my life that I truly loved. I have had way more than 2 jobs, but there have been 2 that I actually enjoyed and looked forward to.The first is my current job, staying home with Hoke and growing my blog and jewelry line, the second was working at Willow Boutique.

When I look back at my days at Willow and think on my current “job” they both have one thing in common, I didn’t do either of them for the money. I will say, Willow paid me well and took very good care of me but it was part time and didn’t pay the bills, Cary’s job did that for us as it does now. Of course being a SAHM doesn’t pay NEAR enough haha, and my jewelry business is growing but of course its not really making a ton of money yet.

I thought about these two jobs and what truly made and makes me happy about them and it was that I was doing my passion, or passions I should say. I love fashion, people and constant changing environments and Willow gave me all of that! Not only was it literally paradise to work at

IMG_1783I’m not kidding, this was my view, not to mention the beach just 3 steps away. Willow was what I did for me, it was my release, it was at times my escape from hard times, but most of all it was so much fun! I loved all the girls I worked with, I loved being in the store, learning the process and working with all the customers. After working mostly to put Cary through school, Willow was my first job that I could choose to do, not because we needed the money but because I was good at it and I served a purpose that I enjoyed!

Staying home with Hoke has always been my dream! Sure it has it’s days, just like any job but it is what I have always wanted to do. I am very, very blessed to be married to a man who would support me no matter what I wanted to do and he works extremely hard to support us so I can stay home with Hoke.

So do you work to live or live to work? I know not everyone can live to work or LOVE to work, we need to pay the bills. But Cary and I have sacrificed living the financial “dream” some may have in order to live contently and do what we both love. It is a struggle, not to make as much money, not to take tons of vacations or live in a big house……but we are both home with Hoke far more than most parents. We both have so many hobbies that we love and do often. Our cars aren’t new, good grief these days our clothes aren’t even new but we are content and we both LOVE what we do.

I hope you are able to do both, make a living and support yourself and love what you do!



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