My Super Cool Running Playlist!



A sweet friend of mine recently posted on Instagram “I drank the kool-aid. I have a running goal.” I loved this! It motivated me! So I called up a close friend who has a jogging stroller and asked if I could borrow it before we shelled out the cash to buy one and my plan is to start running…………..again……………I’ve started this goal many, many times!

To get motivated, I made a playlist. Ok……this is where I need to warn everyone, I have horrible taste in music. I am lucky to be married to, excuse the language, but what I would call a badass…..and he has great taste in music! But darn it I like music that makes me happy and is up beat so here are a few songs I run to, dance to, heck I’m writing this blog to it right now!

1. American Kids-Kenny Chesney

2. People Get Ready…..Jesus is Coming-Crystal Lewis (side note all my NRCA friends……ski trip bus rides HOLLA!!)

3. All Night Long-Lionel Richie

4. Africa-Toto

5. Never Say Never-Justin Beiber

6. Windows Are Rolled Down-Amos Lee

7. Carry Me Through-Dave Barnes

8. We Found Love-Rihanna

9. P.Y.T- The one and only Michael Jackson

10. Human Nature- see a pattern…..MJ!!

11. The Way You Make Me Feel…..MJ So sorry!

12. Princess of China-Coldplay

13. Cosmic Love-Florence + The Machine

14. New Shoes- Paolo Nutini

15. I Smile- Kirk Franklin

16. Super Bass- Nicki Manaj

17. Get Lucky-Daft Punk (I would never know who the heck Daft Punk is without my CR)

18. Happy-Pharrell Williams

So there you have it……are you still laughing at me….you can stop now, I’m proud of my silly little playlist, it gets me moving and that’s all that matters!


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