Karen Yarber-Rodan and Fields

Mrs. Karen Yarber is one of my mother’s closest friends. Not only is Mrs. Yarber an amazing Christian woman, she is also a great sales rep for Rodan and Fields! Now please know, this is NOT a post to sell you on the product necessarily (although I will get to that) It is more to share a few items I have recently tried but also to help get Karen’s name out there just in case you are interested in setting up an account with Rodan and Fields…..she is your woman!

As a mom and a one income household, I will admit, Rodan and Fields is a bit out of our budget for my skincare, but there are a few products I use on a regular basis that I work into my budget because I can’t deny the results. The first is the AMP MD Stystem. Ya’ll I am not lying when I tell you this thing is a magic wand! Confession, I have forehead wrinkles, and I’ve had them since college and I HATE them! Younger girls reading this STOP GETTING TOO MUCH SUN!!! Just stop, wear a hat and 75+++ sunscreen, if no where else on your sweet, young face, you will thank me! I have tried everything affordable even bangs to fix them and nothing seemed to work until now. I swear this product has almost erased the worst wrinkles in a matter of 30 days, I know the more I use it they will be gone! The starter kit comes with the Night Renewing Serum and this too is amazing!

I also spoke about the next product in this post about my bedtime routine, but I love their chapstick as well! I can’t go to bed without it and it has drastically changed the problem of dry lips I have in the winter months.

So please check out Karen’s Facebook page and contact her if you would like to try any of the items I’ve mentioned or are just looking for an alternative to your skin care, she is a wealth of knowledge, not pushy at all and so very helpful.


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