10/2: Fall Front Porch Decoration

Fall Front Porch


We don’t have a front porch. I love our little house, I really do but I really don’t like the exterior. In fact, porches are my favorite part about a house and sadly, we don’t have one. We have lived here 2 years and I have avoided outdoor decorating each year simply because I just don’t like the front of our house but this year was different, especially with my 31 days of writing challenge. I decided, my house can’t be the only one out there without a porch, maybe someone else has the same problem so I started thinking of ideas.

Our family visited Pumpkinville in Toana, VA this weekend (I’ll share a post next week on our trip) They had so many fun fall items, I was in heaven! We decided on a few small gourds, medium and small size pumpkins and the large bundle of hay. One thing my mama always taught me is do decorate in odd numbers so I decided on 5 pumpkins and 7 small gourds. I bought the cute little scarecrow (which my son named Olive for some strange reason) at Michaels on sale for $4.00!!!! And the beautiful mum is from Trader Joes. During naptime today I got to work on our exterior decor!



I found the perfect spot right in the bend of our driveway to place everything. It’s the first thing you see now when you pull in and I just love it!! It was the perfect start to October!




Happy fall Y’all!!!


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