10/4: Movie Night: The Goonies

I started this post last night and started to feel like it was cop out because, come on, who hasn’t seen the Goonies? (Ok, if you haven’t stop reading and go watch it!) But I want this section of my 31 days of fall fun to be all about family movie choices that are still a bit “halloween-y” but not super scary, gory, or just gross.

I do have my favorite scary movies of all time, but honestly, they leave you feeling awful after watching them. I always have to turn on Food TV or HGTV for about 15 minutes just to get the images out of my head. But not with the Goonies!

I’m going to be honest, I had never seen this movie all the way through until I married Cary. We watched it together a few years ago and it was one of those things I wish I could have gone back in my childhood and changed. It’s such a cute story of friendship, adventure and fun. This movie is really great for the younger kids in the family because it has enough action to keep the screen moving (all important things for my son) but great for older kids too because it even has a little romance!

So, if you have a family movie night and you want to switch things up a little this month let me suggest pulling out this old classic!


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