10/15: #Write31Days so far, My Thoughts



I’m half way through. The 31 day challenge has been just that…..a challenge. But I also realize that I’m not completely sure I like the direction this challenge has taken me. Sure I’m sharing fun things for fall but I don’t feel like I am connecting with readers like some of the others in the challenge, or that I am being open and honest like I want to be. Long and short, the posts seem empty to me.

So with all that, I’ve decided I’m not sure I want to keep things going the way they have been. I do plan to write every day for the rest of the month and I do plan to have fun fall things but I also have thoughts I’ve been wanting to share that I feel like I haven’t done for the past few weeks.

Would love your feedback, have you enjoyed these posts?



9 thoughts on “10/15: #Write31Days so far, My Thoughts

  1. Hi! I’ve been feeling a little disconnected too, since my series is not particularly introspective or inspirational like so many others. But I am having fun writing about my city, and I’m hoping that it will draw people to my blog long after this month is over! It’s also just helping me so much to get back into a writing habit, so I’m sticking with it even though I am not getting a ton of engagement. I am certainly super blessed by all the uplifting topics going around, but I also really enjoy all things FALL, so of course I think you should stick with your posts if you still feel inspired to write them. Ultimately, I would encourage you not to get discouraged by a lack of engagement right now, because everyone who is writing their posts is probably finding it hard to make time to read other ones!! So hopefully we’ll all see a little surge of traffic next month when we can all sit and take a few moments to browse all the beautiful series that were just completed. 🙂


  2. I’ve been looking forward to them because they’re something quick I can read! And, I’m home all day so it’s a connection with an adult; although, I don’t usually have time to comment! 🙂


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  4. I tried doing the challenge last year and failed at it miserably. The pressure of writing something every.single.day for 31 days was too much for me, personally. It was too forced for me, which made me sad, because I LOVE to write! I enjoy your blog a lot, but I’ll tell you the one I enjoyed the most so far was when you wrote about living in the present. It seemed like ‘you’ (not that I know you in person) and it was authentic. When I’m reading blogs, that’s what I like…real life…someone I can relate to!


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  6. I think we need to write what we feel called to or what we want. I don’t have a particularly thrilling/inspiring series, but it is for me, and if someone else gets something out of it, so be it.


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