10/16: Fall Fashion: Zest Cafe and Home Art


After yesterday’s post I had so many uplifting messages to keep things going that I am very excited about today’s post! I was thrilled when Zest Cafe and Home Art started selling my jewelry in their shop. I have loved Zest since I was 10 years old, yes this restaurant is over 20 years old! Not only does Zest have amazing food, the brie and fruit appetizer is out of this world, the little shop attached has the most unique finds!

I love Zest for a fun girls lunch or dinner, you never mind waiting for a table because you can shop! The times I love Zest the most are the holidays like now. I don’t love fall decorations, yes I LOVE fall but I also hate orange, especially with black, so that makes it very difficult to find items that work with my taste. Zest never fails me, I always find at least one thing I can’t live without. And Christmas…..don’t even get me started! But, Zest also has a wonderful back section with all things baby and toddler, I even loved this section before I had a child.

So if you live in Raleigh and you have never tried Zest, or you are traveling there soon please check it out!!!


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