6 Steps for a Smoother Day


There are days I feel like I barely keep my head above water. This weekend for instance, I was sick with a cold. I was very lucky to get sick on the weekend so Cary was home to take over, but weekends like this when you are sick, or on vacation, or just having a normal weekend, I never feel like I can get everything done.

Since getting married almost 9 years ago, and then having a baby almost 2 years ago, there are a few things I try to do every day to make my day run smoother, even if it really doesn’t, it always makes me feel better.

1. Make the Bed: It sounds simple but it makes a huge difference. Take 5 minutes every day to make the bed. If you stay home like I do, keep your bedroom door open so every time you walk by you see a bed all made and crisp and clean, it makes you feel better every time. If you work, there is nothing better than to come home to a made bed! Well maybe cooked dinner and a dozen roses, but the made bed does help!
2. Take Time for You: Ok, as women we hear this all the time. Especially as moms. But seriously, even if it’s 2 minutes, take time for yourself. Get a hobby. I personally love to read and get sucked into Netflix shoes. I always like to have a book I’m reading or a show I’m watching so that if I do have 5 minutes to myself I can pick up where I left off. In our days when Hoke didn’t nap I didn’t have the luxury of having 1-2 hours to myself, you may be in this boat too. So here is the thing, LIE! Say you have to go to the bathroom, take your phone and play on Facebook for 5 minutes. Offer to run to the grocery store the second your husband gets home to pickup butter (you can always use more butter). Just take a few minutes for yourself.
3. Put on Lipstick: There are days I don’t have time to shower, wash my hair or even put on a decent outfit. I cannot tell you the difference it makes to put on some bright red lipstick! Don’t look like a clown or anything, but put on something with some color and glance at yourself in the mirror, you will feel better I promise!
4. Menu Plan: Ok, don’t stop reading I’m getting ready to let you in on a little secret. Menu planning helps me tremendously. Yes, it is time consuming, but plan a week at a time and then you don’t have to worry for 7 days. Ok, here is my secret…..PINTEREST! Pin recipes! I only pin things that I can honestly see myself cooking. I have separate boards for pasta, meat, soup, slow cooker and vegetarian recipes. When it comes time to plan (I do mine on Sunday as well as my shopping) I just get on pinterest and open those boards. It takes me 20 minutes tops!
5. Eat: Seriously! Working full time I would wake up in enough time to shower and run out the door, skipping breakfast. I was always starving by 9am, great way to start a day! Now that I stay home it’s even worse! There are days I am so busy that I forget to eat and it’s noon and I can barely stand. Even if it’s a piece of toast, eat something to start your day.
6. Play: This, sadly, is sometimes very hard for me. Sitting and playing with trucks or legos can be boring let’s just be honest. But I have noticed, the days I sit with Hoke for an hour in the morning and play, the rest of the day seems to run smoother. When I say play I mean 100% full attention play. Don’t look at your phone, don’t watch TV, play and give your child your full attention. I have found that Hoke can have 15 new toys in front of him and still scream if I am on the phone while playing with him. But, he can have an empty coffee can and a ball and if I’m paying attention to him he is satisfied for an hour! Act like it’s the best, most coolest thing you have ever done, they will love you for it and it really does help your’s and your child’s day run smoother.

Any tips you have for a smoother day? I would love to know!


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