10/3: Friday Faves: Fall weekly Faves

AHHH!!!! I love October, don’t you just love October? I mean seriously, the weather gets cooler (well maybe not quite yet here in the south) you switch out your summer clothes for your winter clothes……BOOTS!!! And the best of all, it’s the very start of the holiday season, there is nothing better than the holidays! […]

Cheap Andy Warhol Art DIY

  I bought the Andy Warhol tomato soup cans back in 2012, yes I’ve had them that long. I love Andy Warhol art and these were just the cutest cans ever. Well, we don’t eat Campbell’s soup so for 2 years they have sat on my kitchen counter collecting dust. Then I stumbled upon this […]

DIY Contact Paper Box

Our living room was being taken over by toys but before toys it was movies, knitting supplies, dog toys and just stuff so this project is great for anyone who has a living room so basically anyone! I don’t know about you but boxes at target are crazy stupid expensive. $20………..FOR A BOX????? You have […]

Nap Time Fun

While my son napped Sunday I made these cute hair ties. I love Emi Jay hair ties, in fact it’s all I used…….until now. They are super strong! I have a ton of long, curly hair and the emi jays hold a pony or a bun all day and don’t leave the slightest crease. Before […]