Friday Favorites

How true is that! I always feel so silly when I smile at someone and they don’t smile back but at least I smiled! Maybe it brightened their day. And I leave you with this as my “smile” to you for the weekend….enjoy! This is not an SNL skit, we have watched it in our […]

My Favorite Pinterest Pages

  Are you a Pinterest addict like me? Think there are support groups for this type of obsession? I am seriously crazy about Pinterest, my life changed when Pinterest was created and I believe I am a better person because of Pinterest, yes I have a problem. I don’t follow a ton of people on […]

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

  If you have a child you know how important a bedtime routine is, a routine period is important. But do you every think about yourself? I think it’s important to have a routine at night to wind down and just get ready for a great night’s sleep, that is if you didn’t live with […]

Friday Favorites

Come on fall….HURRY UP!!!! Here in the South fall doesn’t really come until about October but one can dream! Here are a few of my favorite finds this week 1. How adorable is this dress? 2. Really love this post on renting a home. 3. Let’s go to the beach together you sweet thing! 4. […]

If I Knew I Would Not FAIL!

{Via:┬áLara Casey Shop} We all have dreams and most of us are able to attain those dreams. I always wanted to be a mom, my husband Cary has, since college, wanted to get his Phd and since finishing, wanted to teach. We do reach for goals and accomplish them every day….but what about those dreams […]


{Via: Brown Dress with White Dots} I’ve fallen of the radar lately I feel like when it comes to blogging and I PROMISED myself I would blog every week day in August, oh well. I tend to celebrate my birthday for about a week instead of just one day so we made a weekend out […]

Best. Book. Ever.

    I read a lot. I wouldn’t say I’m a bookworm, and was by no means one as a child, but I love getting wrapped up in a book.┬áSo I have read a lot of good books, well in my opinion good books, and year after year I have never found a book that […]

Weekend Re-Cap

I had a lot of fun writing about what was going on in my life last week. I don’t use Facebook much, other than for Sift, and mostly keep my personal life private but it was fun going through the highlites of my weekend so I thought I would share what we did this weekend […]