Vacation……from Vacation

  Does anyone else know how I feel? We went out of town this weekend, it was my very late birthday present. We went as a family and really enjoyed ourselves but why is it that when we take time for ourselves to enjoy ourselves and just rest it always makes more work and basically […]

10/9: Living in the Present

I didn’t have this post planned for today, and let me tell you, veering off the planned path is not something I do often. But I’ve been blogging about Fall Fun this month for the write 31 days challenge and it made me stop and think about living in the moment and embracing the present. […]

10/8: Fall Fashion Spotlight: Anna and Alice

I’ve loved Anna and Alice since they opened their doors in Raleigh a few years ago. Every time I get home for a visit I try to stop in and see what they have new, it gets harder and harder with a little one but I do try! When Anna and Alice started carrying Sift with […]